About Project

The Programme has following Components:

1.Institutional Capacity Building and Partnerships Component. This Component have following two sub-components:
1.1 Partnership and Capacity Building: This sub-component aims to:
(a) assess the market opportunities and potential for establishing market linkages;
(b) improve the capacity of programme staff and beneficiaries; and   
(c) prepare end to end sub projects to capture market opportunities.
1.2 Self-Help Groups and Community Managed Resource Centre's: This sub-component aims to organize poor women for their empowerment and building resilience within households.

2. Market Linkages and Sustainable Agriculture Component. This Component have following three sub-components:
2.1 Market Linkages and Value Chains: This sub-components aims to develop equitable and non-exploitative value chains and market linkages for selected commodities. The Programme shall strengthen the capabilities of producer groups to participate in the market place, and shall assist them identify the most profitable market opportunities for their commodities.
2.2 Sustainable Agriculture Development: The objective of the sub-component is to enhance the viability of farming systems and to increase incomes of small farmers. Famers shall be supported to increase cropping intensities and productivity under rained conditions in a profitable and sustainable manner. The Programme shall promote in-situ water conservation, organic and low-external input agriculture, and support the implementation of a comprehensive livestock-development programme suited to the Programme Area to provide door-to-door services to farmers.
2.3 Micro-enterprises and SMEs: The objective of this sub-component is to improve the income of households by graduating the same from subsistence/income generation activities to micro enterprises by improving their access to inputs, technology, financial services and marketing.

3. Programme Management Component: The objectives of this Components are to: (a) strengthen staff expertise to provide services to stakeholders on sub-project development and financing; and (b) facilitate convergence of agricultural interventions in the public and private sectors.  

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